About The United States Pilates Association® LLC (“U.S.P.A.®”)

The U.S.P.A.® upholds the rich tradition of Pilates professional education by offering comprehensive Classical instructor training through The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program, the oldest comprehensive certification program in the U.S.


As the longest standing pilates teacher training program, we are able to offer our participants the unique opportunity to learn directly from the industry’s most experienced teachers who are Second Generation Pilates Instructors, trained and certified by Elder Romana Kryzanowska. The U.S.P.A.® is owned and operated by Second Generation Instructors with acombined 60 years of Classical Pilates Experience.

Our apprentiship-style training is based entirely upon the original work of Joseph Pilates. Through observing, practicing, teaching and assisting, teachers-to-be master a deep understanding of the full Classical Pilates repertoire, develop strong teaching skills and learn a large variety of progressions and modifications that prepares them for working with a wide range of client needs. Our faculty of highly experienced Teacher Trainers, have over 100 years of Classical Pilates teaching and training. This esteemed faculty provides mentorship and guidance to participants throughout the program to ensure continued progression and optimum opportunity for learning. No other program can match the experience of our Classically trained instructors.

Graduates complete our program as skilled qualified teachers with a deep knowledge of the Work, a strong confidence in their abilities, and most important a strong sense of Spirit. Because of this, our graduates are highly sought after and we achieve a 100% successful hire–rate!

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We aspire to offer a rewarding and positive journey of discovery that embodies the Classical Pilates mantra of Balancing Body, Mind and Spirit.


U.S.P.A.® Bridge Program

Our affordable and condensed Bridge Program allows teachers who are certified in a non Classical program, to access and become certified in the Classical Methodolgy.

For a detailed discussion of the Bridge Program click here and download application (see Appendix A).


U.S.P.A. ® Continuing Education Programs

Thigh Stretch

The U.S.P.A.® also offers a diverse Continuing Education program that develops a deeper knowledge of the Pilates method and an opportunity for ongoing professional learning within the community of teachers. The U.S.P.A. ® only uses only highly experienced and Classically trained instructors for its Continuing Education Program most of whom are Second Generation Instructors.. We also offer exclusive access to Joseph Pilates’ Archival materials as part of our Continuing Education Program.

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Why Choose the U.S.P.A.® for Your Pilates Certification:

  • The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program, the oldest Classical Pilates Certification Program
  • Mentorship and Training by a faculty of Classical Instructors having over 100 years of Classical Pilates teaching and training experience,
  • Exclusive use of the Copyrighted Teacher Training Manual edited by Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska
  • Exclusive rights to the Joseph Pilates Archival Collection
  • 100% hire rate for Instructors completing the Program

Join this exclusive and renowned group of Classically trained pilates instructors.

“Make a Difference in Your Life and the Lives of Others!”