What Instructors Are Saying about the U.S.P.A.® Certification Program…


“I started the USPA certification process in my fifties. I chose it because it is the most comprehensive program out there. Now an instructor, I’m incredibly grateful to Brett Howard and the USPA for such detailed education. It makes me a good and effective teacher.  A fantastic second-career choice!” –Pamela

“As a recent graduate of the program, I highly recommend U.S.P.A. I had an amazing experience throughout the certification process. Everyday I learned something new, whether it was about a certain injury to modify the exercise or if it was a certain variation for a specific clients needs. I know apprentices in other programs that are thinking about switching over to U.S.P.A. because of how true, authentic, and informative U.S.P.A. is to the original Pilates Method.” –Brittany

“I’ve moved four times since being certified seven years ago; each time, I’ve landed a teaching job instantly thanks to the quality and reputation of my certification as well as the extensive training I received. I’m so grateful I found U.S.P.A, the program honestly changed the course of my life! ” –Kristen

I do recommend this program.  I think it is one of the strongest, safest and truest forms of Pilates.  It made me certain I was a good teacher and had a lot to offer my clients…..SAFETY. STRONG TEACHERS.  AND, the confidence and knowledge it builds.” –Kristi

“As a physical therapist it was important for me to select a program whose teachers had an understanding of the human body and the ability to apply this knowledge to the original Pilates exercise method……….. 

This program teaches you the system, not just exercises. You will learn how to teach the exercises to clients with varying abilities, using all of the apparatus. The instructors are dedicated to preserving the original method, and love teaching it. I highly recommend this program as it has given me the skills to teach effectively, and has instilled in me a great appreciation of the genius of Joseph Pilates.” –Arlene

I have chosen USPA program after conducting extensive google research, making a comparison with other programs in South florida and after meeting initially  David Freemen (sic). I was able to see the studio, get the detailed program explanation and talk to the existing apprentice at that time. After the completing the program i can certainly say that my expectations were met. I would definitely recommend USPA program – quality of teaching, authenticisms, hands-on approach and maintenance of the close relationships with existing teaches in USPA. Overall the process of working with USPA was fun and i love the fact that there were a lot of opportunities meeting different teachers, not only because I saw deferent teaching styles but also because it allowed me to understand the exercises more deeply. I really enjoy hands-on approach and to be part of a close USPA family.” –Lesya