Pamela Dejohn

Pam earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at the University of California at Los Angeles. In the following years, Pam grew more and more curious about the study of anatomy and movement of the human body. This caused her to do many post-graduate courses in functional anatomy and physiology. Pam came to Pilates training after an extensive career as a personal trainer for Aerobic and Fitness Association of America® (AFAA®) and the American Council on Exercise®.

Pam trained for several years in the mid 1990’s under the watchful eye of Master Teacher and Elder Romana Kryzanowska, her daughter Sari Mejia-Santo, Edwina Fontaine, and Bob Liekens, then got certified in 1998. Her studies have continued in Pilates with other Master Level Instructors such as Cynthia Lochard, Juanita Lopez, Roxanne Richards, Alycea Ungaro, and Jay Grimes.

Pam is currently the owner and Center Director of Authentic Pilates Training Center LLC in Mahwah, New Jersey. With almost 20 years’ experience in the Pilates world, Pam continues to keep it real, fun, and informative.