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CE Seminar: Deepen Your Understanding On The Universal Reformer @ Smartbody Movement (MA), MAY 22, 2016

CE Seminar: Deepen Your Understanding On The Universal Reformer

Instructor: Brett Howard

Location: Smartbody Movement (MA)

Date: MAY 22, 2016, 3-7pm

Students will have the chance to learn the Classical repertoire and deepen their knowledge about the exercises on the Universal Reformer. The workshop participants learn various approaches of scaffolding and deconstructing the Pilates exercises, as well as learn how to recognize the skills involved in the exercises to strengthen those skills.


This Seminar will qualify as Continuing Education for The York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program. Attendance will qualify as credits towards Continuing Education Requirements as listed below:

• 4 CEUs


BY APRIL 18th – $100
FROM APRIL 19th – $125


Seminars and Workshops that are taken for Continuing Education purposes may also be canceled or rescheduled at the sole discretion of the U.S.P.A.®. Pilates Instructors taking a Workshop or Seminar
for Continuing Education credits will be entitled to a refund upon such cancellation or, if requested, upon rescheduling. U.S.P.A.® Certified Instructors may attend Workshops offered at any U.S.P.A.® Certification Center but shall only be given Continuing Education credits when said attendance is paid for in accordance
with U.S.P.A.® published rates.


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