THE NEW YORK PILATES STUDIO® TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM  process consists of 600 hours of observation, training and apprentice teaching.

During the course of the 600 hours there will be three system workshops where apprentices are taught beginning, intermediate, and advanced-level movements for each apparatus.

Each of the workshops are 2-3 days long and taught by a Teacher of Teachers classically trained and in most cases a Second Generation Teacher who was certified by Romana Kryzanowaska.

Spine Corrector SWSystem Workshop

In some instances the workshops are replaced by a 12 Day Intensive; A seminar completed in 12 consecutive days covering the Beginner through Advanced System material. Note: this program is not offered on a continuous basis. When offered the U.S.P.A.® has complete discretion as to the qualifications to enter. Not every apprentice will be qualified.

The 600 hours are generally divided into three phases although these phases may be modified by the Center Director or the U.S.P.A.® Director of Education:

Phase 1 (First 200 hrs): Observation & Practice

Phase 2 (Second 200 hrs): Assisting an Authentic Pilates™ Certified Instructor.

Phase 3 (Third 200 hrs): Teaching solo under the supervision of an Authentic Pilates™ Certified Instructor.

Exams are given at the completion of each phase. Progression through each phase develops your teaching skills and is completed according to your own schedule and that of the center. The apprenticeship must be finished in one year. Permission to extend an apprenticeship beyond one year can be given at the sole discretion of the U.S.P.A.®

Benefits of Certification through the U.S.P.A. ® as Exclusive Provider of THE NEW YORK PILATES STUDIO® TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM Frog Facing Away

  • It is the oldest Classical Pilates Certification Program
  • Mentorship and Training by a Faculty of Classical Instructors having over 100 years of Classical Pilates teaching and training experience,
  • Exclusive use of the Copyrighted Teacher Training Manual edited by Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowaska
  • Become a highly trained and well recognized Classical Pilates Instructor sought after by many Pilates Studios all over the world.
  • 100% hire rate for Instructors completing the Program

When properly educated, the public can easily differentiate the services that Classically certified instructors provide from the services of others that teach general body conditioning or other Pilates programs. Instructors certified Classically through THE NEW YORK PILATES STUDIO® TEACHER CERTIFICATION PROGRAM  are recognized throughout the Pilates and fitness community as extremely well qualified to teach. That is why Instructors graduating from our Program have a 100% hire rate.

What are the Benefits After Certification?

Hands on SWUpon graduation, Certified Instructors will have the benefit of attending Continuing Education Workshops and Seminars offered exclusively by the U.S.P.A.®. In order to maintain the quality of our Classical Instructors, Continuing Education is a requirement to maintain current certification.

The U.S.P.A.® will also offer qualified Certified Instructors access to national referrals from our 800#, and website.

The Bridge Program for


The U.S.P.A.® also offers a Bridge Program to those Pilates Instructors who wish to become certified in the Classical Methodology. This is a condensed and less expensive alternative to the full apprenticeship program. Instructors seeking to enter the Bridge Program must have comprehensive certification from a nationally recognized Pilates training program. See our section on the Bridge Program for further details.