Alia Staples

Alia has owned & operated The Pilates Loft Arlington since 2014. Prior to opening the studio in Arlington, she was a full-time Pilates Instructor at The Pilates Loft in Orlando, Florida for four years. Alia has always had a passion for fitness, but a major spinal fusion surgery at the age of 15 challenged her to find ways to stay fit while accommodating a rigid spine.

She began consistent Pilates classes to introduce a new form of exercise into her fitness routine and was quickly impressed by the results. She noticed increased flexibility in her tight back and a substantial improvement in the strength of her core. As an avid runner, Alia firmly believes in practicing Pilates as a form of cross training. Alia earned Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communication and English from Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, VA and worked in the public relations field for three years. She also earned her MBA at the University of Central Florida.

The Pilates Loft Arlington is a certification center for The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program through the United States Pilates Association® (U.S.P.A.®) and Alia was invited to serve as a Supervising Instructor to future Pilates Instructors.

Alia received over 700 hours of intensive training at The Pilates Loft in Orlando where she trained extensively with owner Jennifer O’Mara, Teacher of Teachers for the United States Pilates Association® (U.S.P.A.®); and at The Pilates Haus in New Jersey with Brett Howard, Senior Teacher of Teachers and Director of Education for the U.S.P.A.®. Jennifer and Brett were both certified by Joseph Pilates’ protégé, Romana Kryzanowska. Alia strives to educate herself completely in the principles of Authentic Pilates and share her passion for Pilates with her clients, instructors and apprentices.