David Freeman

David Freeman

is a principal and Teacher Trainer for the United States Pilates Association® LLC (U.S.P.A.®). He began his pilates training in New York in the mid 1990s. His bad back brought him to the doorsteps of The New York Pilates Studio® Teacher Certification Program. David trained extensively with and was certified in 1999 as an Authentic Pilates™ Instructor by Master Teacher and Elder Romana Kryzanowska. He is the owner of The Pilates Institute™ of Ft. Lauderdale established in 2001. His studio is a Teacher Certification Center for the U.S.P.A.®. David has been a Teacher Trainer since 2005 and he is actively involved in the educational programs of the U.S.P.A. ® and teaches seminars and workshops throughout the United States. David has also trained and observed with Pilates Elders Lolita San Miguel, Mary Bowen and Jay Grimes and Master teacher Bob Liekens.

Now with almost 20 years of Pilates experience, David at the age of 70 is convinced that his pilates training has been instrumental in curing his back issues and keeping his Mind, Body and Spirit in balance. David is a graduate of Georgetown Law Center and is currently retired from the practice of law devoting his time and attention to the Pilates Methodolgy. David’s essay ‘My Voyage Through the World of Pilates” has recently been published in “Voices of Classical Pilates” a collection of essays from 28 Classical Pilates Teachers, edited by Peter Fiasca, Ph.D., Amy Babia Bergesen, Ph.D and Suzzane Michelle Diffine, M.A. David can also be heard at Pilates Anytime, being interviewed on the influence of Romana Kryzanowska on the Pilates Methodology.

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